28 June 2006

Screenwriter Jason Smilovic wrote a hip script and watched "Slevin's" stellar cast bring it to life

I recently interviewed screenwriter Jason Smiolvic and producer Robert Kravis, who are out in support of their feature film, "Slevin."

From the parlor of a well-appointed suite in a boutique hotel, Smilovic says he thrived on fast food from Burger King's "99-cent menu" while toiling over the "Slevin" screenplay several years ago.

The film that grew from his efforts was acquired by The Weinstein Company, which recently partnered with MGM. Perhaps the cheeseburger sacrifices paid off?

"Slevin" is distributed by Metropolitan Filmexports and opens in France today, 28 June. -- Go to interview --

(Photo courtesy The Weinstein Company)

27 June 2006

Seasonal Paris -- I'm cool like that

This weekend will send temperatures into the 30-degree range. Put your head under the sink, sit on an ice tray and watch this video clip again and again (:22 seconds). Revisit the cool weather of last November as your apartment's thermometer climbs into the oppression zone.

21 June 2006

Passerelle Debilly, a moveable bridge

Visit ParisDailyPhoto for a more artistic, black & white photo of this unassuming and relatively peaceful pedestrian bridge. (You'll also find many other great Paris photographs made by Eric-the-Friendly-Parisian.)

Here is some tourism propaganda about Passerelle Debilly.
"In order to carry visitors to the 1900 Exposition, its General Commissioner, Alfred Picard, on 26th October 1898 approved the construction of a footbridge opposite the Avenue Albert de Mun, intended to join the Army and Navy Halls to the exhibit recreating old Paris.

This metal footbridge designed by the engineers RESAL, ALBY and LION, was completed on 13th April 1900.It was then named the Military Exposition, or Magdeburg, or even de Billy footbridge, after an Imperial general killed at Jena in 1806.

The city of Paris took over management of the structure in 1903 and in 1906 relocated it to opposite Rue de la Manutention after a few alterations. From its original provisional status, the "Debilly" footbridge, as it was now named, finally became a permanent fixture. As a contemporary of the Alexander III bridge and the Austerlitz Viaduct, it was included in the supplemental registry of historical monuments in 1966. It was repainted in 1991 and its plating resurfaced with tropical hardwoods in 1997."

Look at Passerelle Debilly from S P A C E

18 June 2006

Paris: walking from Pigalle to Place Clichy

Two cliches of
Blvd. Clichy
The Tour Bus &
The Sex Shoppe
(near Place Blanche)

Le Quay - afternoon

16 June 2006

How precious! I've adopted a German.

People think my German, Thomas Vieten (left)
looks like actor Jason Biggs (right)

The World is full of marketing schemes and promotional curiosities. I have fallen for a rather unique one -- I've adopted a German. I had to choose between twelve of them, so I chose the one who most resembled a sweet little (stoned) puppy dog, the only thing I've adopted before.

I received an adoption certificate and was assured that no child support payments will be requested. My little guy's name is Thomas Vieten and he's from Dortmund as you can tell from the picture. Thomas-Tom-Tommy has won the opportunity to represent Dortmund in a PUMA campaign that had him crammed in a tour bus and touring Europe with eleven of his countrymen. They stopped in Paris in mid May. The twelve adoptees worked with local PUMA reps and ran a contest that resulted in a french woman winning a free trip to the Cup.

These adoptees have made friends while influencing people, and while gaining exposure for the World Cup and Puma. Now, of course, they are back in Germany working the party scene and reporting all about it on their individual blogs. You can adopt your own German at the campaign's Web site. Be sure to download your certificate, suitable for framing (not really.)

That little bastard better be sending Daddy some new Pumas, don't you think?

12 June 2006

Coupe du Monde 2006: Are you trying to escape World Cup fever?

Even though it's not being held in France this time around, the World Cup has a hold on everyone. Heck, even the Americans are going to give it another go. And for those who aren't interested in football, the Swiss offer a temptation-filled alternative to World Cup mania. Click the 'play' button for details. (Mon dieu!)
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07 June 2006

Smoothe sailing on the River Seine

04 June 2006

Stalking famous works of art

Some people insist on having their photo taken in front of "famous" art. It's odd. I've seen this most often at Musee d'Orsay. Wherever it occurs, Impressionism is involved. They must recognize the art from mousepads or coffee mugs and insist on a photo. Do they remember reports of paintings sold for millions at auction or art that was hauled away by crafty thieves?

If they recognize a painting, they call it "famous." But, not everyone poses in front of paintings. There are also serious photographers grabbing shots with impressive cameras. I choose to believe that those well-equipped photographers are taking photos that will one day be used in an art history class. And, I choose to believe that the tourists who barge past inspired works of art to get to "the good stuff" will share the photos with their friends back home and will eventually be motivated to develop a broader appreciation of art.

As a journalist, I've learned to observe. It no longer takes effort. But, it is difficult. Objectivity is a learned trait. All humans are inherently judgmental. "This is GOOD" and "that is BAD." Artists hate this about us. Why can't we allow their work to wash over us like a salty wave at the beach. Do we have to proclaim that the water is cold or warm or blue? Can it just be wet?

(Have you hugged an artist or photographer today?)


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