21 June 2006

Passerelle Debilly, a moveable bridge

Visit ParisDailyPhoto for a more artistic, black & white photo of this unassuming and relatively peaceful pedestrian bridge. (You'll also find many other great Paris photographs made by Eric-the-Friendly-Parisian.)

Here is some tourism propaganda about Passerelle Debilly.
"In order to carry visitors to the 1900 Exposition, its General Commissioner, Alfred Picard, on 26th October 1898 approved the construction of a footbridge opposite the Avenue Albert de Mun, intended to join the Army and Navy Halls to the exhibit recreating old Paris.

This metal footbridge designed by the engineers RESAL, ALBY and LION, was completed on 13th April 1900.It was then named the Military Exposition, or Magdeburg, or even de Billy footbridge, after an Imperial general killed at Jena in 1806.

The city of Paris took over management of the structure in 1903 and in 1906 relocated it to opposite Rue de la Manutention after a few alterations. From its original provisional status, the "Debilly" footbridge, as it was now named, finally became a permanent fixture. As a contemporary of the Alexander III bridge and the Austerlitz Viaduct, it was included in the supplemental registry of historical monuments in 1966. It was repainted in 1991 and its plating resurfaced with tropical hardwoods in 1997."

Look at Passerelle Debilly from S P A C E


At 21/6/06 11:22, Blogger Eric said...

Merci Monsieur Cavalier pour le lien et the interesting piece of history on this "lost" bridge!

At 22/6/06 05:49, Blogger Tomate Farcie said...

Another blog about Paris? Excellent!!! :) And thank you for the background on that passerelle.


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