16 June 2006

How precious! I've adopted a German.

People think my German, Thomas Vieten (left)
looks like actor Jason Biggs (right)

The World is full of marketing schemes and promotional curiosities. I have fallen for a rather unique one -- I've adopted a German. I had to choose between twelve of them, so I chose the one who most resembled a sweet little (stoned) puppy dog, the only thing I've adopted before.

I received an adoption certificate and was assured that no child support payments will be requested. My little guy's name is Thomas Vieten and he's from Dortmund as you can tell from the picture. Thomas-Tom-Tommy has won the opportunity to represent Dortmund in a PUMA campaign that had him crammed in a tour bus and touring Europe with eleven of his countrymen. They stopped in Paris in mid May. The twelve adoptees worked with local PUMA reps and ran a contest that resulted in a french woman winning a free trip to the Cup.

These adoptees have made friends while influencing people, and while gaining exposure for the World Cup and Puma. Now, of course, they are back in Germany working the party scene and reporting all about it on their individual blogs. You can adopt your own German at the campaign's Web site. Be sure to download your certificate, suitable for framing (not really.)

That little bastard better be sending Daddy some new Pumas, don't you think?


At 4/7/06 15:18, Anonymous ladyluck said...

What a great world it has become when you can adopt a full-grown German over the Internet for free! (Adoptees who go partying around, too) :D I think I'll adopt Sabine. I still don't quite get the concept, though. Hahaha!


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