18 October 2005

Francois Vogel: où êtes-vous?

French director Francois Vogel helped Hewlett-Packards' ad agency win the 2004 Adweek Campaign of the Year, with their "You" campaign. Vogel's innovative spot featured him creating photo prints from empty frames - to the tune of "Picture Book," by the Kinks.

Since producing a follow-up with The Robins' "Out of the Picture" as a soundtrack, Francois has disappeared from American airwaves. Another campaign has moved in to push sales. Francois fans fear not, the second spot called "Francois 2" can be found on the HP Web site and he continues to work as a filmmaker in Paris.

16 October 2005

View of Montmartre - with rain

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

05 October 2005

en greve = on strike

Commuters packed into the few trains and buses still running and flights through Paris airports were canceled Tuesday as a broad one-day strike to protest the government's economic and labor policies disrupted transportation across France.
-- JOHN LEICESTER, Associated Press (photos: Reuters)
I've witnessed smaller strikes in Paris, but none of this magnitude. Labor unions are nearly dead in the United States, but are alive and kicking in France. I wonder how all those strikers get home after the strike if no transportation is available. Hmmm.


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