18 October 2005

Francois Vogel: où êtes-vous?

French director Francois Vogel helped Hewlett-Packards' ad agency win the 2004 Adweek Campaign of the Year, with their "You" campaign. Vogel's innovative spot featured him creating photo prints from empty frames - to the tune of "Picture Book," by the Kinks.

Since producing a follow-up with The Robins' "Out of the Picture" as a soundtrack, Francois has disappeared from American airwaves. Another campaign has moved in to push sales. Francois fans fear not, the second spot called "Francois 2" can be found on the HP Web site and he continues to work as a filmmaker in Paris.


At 26/10/05 13:21, Anonymous Emily said...

Just wanted to say thank you so much for your entries in this journal - I am going to Paris myself next year for roughly the same amount of time (30 days) and it was lovely to read about your adventures there.


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