29 November 2005

Aligre FM

Session Planet Claire 1 Juin 2005
Karl-Alex Steffen

PLANET CLAIRE Mercredi 19h30-2100 @ aligrefm.org 93.1

22 November 2005

Pour vous amuser...

France2 accueille ce festival de film sur son website.

La première édition du Mobile Film Festival se déroulera en France entre le 3/01/06 et le 15/01/06
L'inscription d'un film au Mobile Film Festival se fait exclusivement sur le site web www.mobilefilmfestival.com

(on the Web site - pour voir plus de films click "tous les films")

10 November 2005

AFP: Rioters gain little sympathy or understanding

"An opinion poll Wednesday showed that some 73 percent of the population support the government's decision to authorise night-time curfews, while only 13 percent say they understand or have sympathy with the rioters."
-- AFP (photo: AFP)

05 November 2005

It continues

"This is not how we are going to have our voices heard."
-- Siyakah Traore

01 November 2005

51 rue de Bercy: Cinémathèque Française

"Thanks to the French government, the building has begun a new life, this time as the headquarters of the Cinémathèque Française, the legendary film center that was the cradle of the New Wave movies of the 1950s and '60s. To make this happen, the government chipped in about $21 million for the building and spent $40 million on adapting its interior." -- International Herald Tribune
(photo: j. berman)


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