25 July 2006

Sing, sing a (Rouget de Lisle) song

The New York Times carries a column called "Metropolitan Diary," in which readers submit accounts of random occurances in The Big Apple. Having witnessed Americans in Paris, I enjoyed the following entry about Parisians in America. Apparently, we CAN all get along.
Dear Diary: Recently, on a beautiful sunny day, I was riding downtown on a Fifth Avenue bus, sitting in the back and surrounded by what sounded like a group of very noisy French students with their American guide.

As we passed the French Embassy, with the Tricolor flying majestically in the breeze, the students suddenly stopped talking and, as if in one voice, began singing "La Marseillaise."

When they stopped, this lovely spontaneous act of patriotism was greeted with a round of applause from the riders, all of whom had a big smile on their face.

I did, too.


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