28 June 2006

Screenwriter Jason Smilovic wrote a hip script and watched "Slevin's" stellar cast bring it to life

I recently interviewed screenwriter Jason Smiolvic and producer Robert Kravis, who are out in support of their feature film, "Slevin."

From the parlor of a well-appointed suite in a boutique hotel, Smilovic says he thrived on fast food from Burger King's "99-cent menu" while toiling over the "Slevin" screenplay several years ago.

The film that grew from his efforts was acquired by The Weinstein Company, which recently partnered with MGM. Perhaps the cheeseburger sacrifices paid off?

"Slevin" is distributed by Metropolitan Filmexports and opens in France today, 28 June. -- Go to interview --

(Photo courtesy The Weinstein Company)


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