04 June 2006

Stalking famous works of art

Some people insist on having their photo taken in front of "famous" art. It's odd. I've seen this most often at Musee d'Orsay. Wherever it occurs, Impressionism is involved. They must recognize the art from mousepads or coffee mugs and insist on a photo. Do they remember reports of paintings sold for millions at auction or art that was hauled away by crafty thieves?

If they recognize a painting, they call it "famous." But, not everyone poses in front of paintings. There are also serious photographers grabbing shots with impressive cameras. I choose to believe that those well-equipped photographers are taking photos that will one day be used in an art history class. And, I choose to believe that the tourists who barge past inspired works of art to get to "the good stuff" will share the photos with their friends back home and will eventually be motivated to develop a broader appreciation of art.

As a journalist, I've learned to observe. It no longer takes effort. But, it is difficult. Objectivity is a learned trait. All humans are inherently judgmental. "This is GOOD" and "that is BAD." Artists hate this about us. Why can't we allow their work to wash over us like a salty wave at the beach. Do we have to proclaim that the water is cold or warm or blue? Can it just be wet?

(Have you hugged an artist or photographer today?)


At 21/6/08 05:34, Blogger Destin said...

As an Artist I understand that art is in the eye of the beholder. If it's "good" or "bad" art makes us feel something... good or bad. I love being a tourist and I can't wait to go back this summer. My website is www.internationalfamilyportraits.com

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