04 May 2006

Man base jumps from La Grande Arche de la Défense

Hervé Le Gallou likes to jump from tall structures. In Paris alone, he's jumped from La Tour Eiffel, La Tour Montparnasse and La Grande Arche.

But, it's not a sport for just anybody. Base jumping requires planning and skill. Getting arrested and having your gear confiscated - or plunging to your death - are real possibilities. In this case, you'll notice on the video (above) that Gallou makes a nice landing and a clean getaway. More of Gallou's exploits are posted at his Web site.

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At 6/5/06 07:00, Blogger Michael Abrams said...

An amazing piece of footage, I must say. Looks so peaceful in the shots from the ground, and yet you know his heart is pumping. Can't help but wish there was a music free version so we could get a little bit more of that metal in the mouth taste with the POV.


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