28 April 2006

Tom Cruise: Mister Impossible feeds the press in Paris ----- Monsieur Impossible alimente le presse -----

For a brief time Tom Cruise's sister, Lee Ann, served as his public relations advisor. She may or may not have been adequate for the job, but there is no way she could have achieved anything close to the crafty strategy that was employed for Cruise's visit to Paris on April 27.

In the morning, Cruise (a.k.a. Thomas C. Mapother IV) didn't show up for the press conference for Mission Impossible 3. He's one of the few dudes who can make more headlines by not appearing at a press event than by actually showing up.

Why did he skip out? According to his handlers he needed to purchase some outfits for his new baby, Suri, and visit Paris with his two older children. Tom Cruise shopping for baby clothes? Where's that gaggle of assistants when needed? (I wonder if Suri is getting one of those ubiquitous "J'aime Paris" t-shirts.)

Here's how Cruise made news in only a few hours:
"Some 60 employees at the Ritz Hotel in Paris went on strike Tuesday, the day before the upmarket establishment was to host a publicity media conference by Tom Cruise. The Workers' Force union said in a statement that the employees walked off the job to protest changes to their contracts by management. The management of the hotel confirmed the strike but said it was not affecting service to its guests. Cruise was due to speak to reporters in a salon in the hotel on Wednesday..." -- The Tocqueville Connection.
"...Cruise left dozens of camera teams, reporters and photographers waiting in vain for him on Wednesday at Paris' Ritz hotel, where he was supposed to give a press conference.'" -- Reuters.
"'Tom has decided to visit Paris with his two children (instead),' a spokeswoman said, referring to 13-year-old Isabella and 11-year-old Connor." -- Reuters
"Hours later, the 43-year-old actor arrived by helicopter at La Defense, the sleek high-rise complex on the western edge of Paris, where thousands of fans massed Wednesday ahead of a red carpet showing of his new film. Cruise treated them to autographs." -- Associated Press
"His fiancee, Katie Holmes, and their week-old daughter, Suri, stayed home in Los Angeles while Cruise was in Europe this week" -- Associated Press

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