24 April 2006

Jardin du Lux: promenades à dos de poneys

I’ve been called a “shoegazer.” That is, someone who dwells on things unnecessarily. To me, fun things are not always fun.

The ponies on which children ride across the Jardin du Luxembourg seem to share my philosophy. You’d think they’d be having the time of their lives. As far as equine employment goes a slow and quiet life in Le Sixième, ambling across the Lux and getting your picture taken, is not a bad gig. But, the ponies (and especially the donkeys) appear to be under-whelmed with their life’s mission. Their handlers are rather sedate also. On a warm day, they look particularly miserable. The kids look non-plussed, but are probably having a little fun. Now and again you might see one of them crying or wanting off the animal -- further proof that fun sometimes eludes us.

These situations make me feel better about not being a “fun-seeker.” Most magical moments are beyond our control. They materialize when life’s elements align in our favor, and when we're not trying too hard.


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