17 August 2006

Les grandes vacances

au revoir

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04 August 2006

The importance of being punctual

Most restaurants in Paris are beyond my reach. It won't always be the case and, for now, it's fine with me. When I'm a full-time Parisian, I plan to dive in to the restaurant scene one star at a time, starting with the zero-star restaurants. (I don't suppose Monoprix has any Michelen stars in their future.)

Pop star Janet Jackson can afford to dine anywhere she wants. Unless that happens to be Chef Alain Passard's (pictured) l'Arpege in the 7th. No amount of money will get her in.

The Irish Times says Jackson's been banned from the resto for not calling to cancel her reservation. Surely, there is a personal assistant or Ritz Concierge who could assume the blame for Janet; it's doubtful she makes her own rezzies.

"No-Shows" are, apparently, a "no go" at l'Arpege, and Janet...Miss Jackson...has had the welcome mat pulled from beneath her Manolo Blahniks. This harkens back to the time Oprah Winfrey was left at the stoop of Hermes when she tried to gain entry at closing time. Sometimes Parisian indifference trumps U.S. Star Power, and the result is always salacious gossip.

Or is this a simple case of strategy. Do the folks at l'Arpege understand, as we do, that Janet sitting on your curb brings more attention to your establishment than Janet simply unfurling her serviette at a private table inside? L'Arpege doesn't seem like a place that needs any publicity and Janet denies a reservation was ever made.

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