30 July 2006

'Just one more. I swear.'

The robust air-conditioner at Corcoran's on Blvd. Clichy could inspire anyone to become permanently affixed to a bar stool. The place is an Arctic refuge. But, just as high petrol prices help to deter unnecessary driving, the price of a pint of Guinness at Corcoran's prevented me from becoming a serious drinker.

Most people drink too much because of their thirsty strands of DNA. It appears that genetics, behavior and other elements align to make an alcoholic. And with alcohol being an integral part of daily life, it is definitely the most socially-acceptable addiction to have. Life for the expat can be a complicated endeavor, even for the most well-heeled, evenly-keeled person.

Fortunately, the Paris anglophone community has a solution and a network for just about everything. This includes a strong link to the international support system of Alcoholics Anonymous. Meetings are held in Paris everyday, although some meetings don't meet during the August break or on national holidays.

The folks at AAPARIS.org have published their summer 2006 meeting schedule and offer support and advice to people with questions. A lot of my friends and family members have maintained sobriety using the A.A. program. They've all said it starts with that first meeting...and then another.


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