06 July 2006

"Let them eat bandwidth!"

Paris Mayor Bertrand Delanoe plans to install 400 WiFi access points all over the city in 2007. Actually, he'll probably have someone else do it (I don't think he's keen on manual labor.)

There is nothing more democratic than free access to a high speed Internet connection. Many cafes and hotels offer WiFi for free - or a small charge. Even the cafeteria at Alliance Francaise provides WiFi, although bravery is required to use the electrical extension cord next to the drinking fountain.

Wifi picnicing (pictured) is another way to use WiFi while socializing. One wonders if the spread of WiFi Gratis throughout Paris will diminish people's interest in mobbing together to share tips and conversation. Given the insular nature of technology, my guess is that WiFi picnics will prevail thanks to free access in parks and public spaces.

First he gave us free toilets...and now this! Thanks Monsieur Delanoe. Free PeePee and free WiFi are both inalienable rights of The People.


At 6/7/06 22:35, Blogger LA Frog said...

Great post! I linked it to my blog--hope you don't mind :)

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