26 February 2006

You CAN fight city hall! Free toilets for all!

In a true sign of progress, more than 400 "sanisettes" can now be used at no cost. Hoorah. Now, if I could only get back all of the money those dammn things have taken from me.

I've never used one. But, I've attempted to use one many times. Again and again, no luck. 40 centimes, no entry. I once helped a young japanese tourist figure out how much money he needed to get in...and what the coins looked like. I guess it was his first day in town. Of course it didn't work for him, either. He did the potty-dance all the way down the boulevard to the next sanisette.

A new version of the sanisette is coming (not soon) and will have a water faucet on the outside. Nothing like lapping up water outside of a toilet. They will also be wheelchair-friendly.

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At 28/2/06 11:13, Anonymous Emily said...

400 toilettes? And here I was preparing myself for them to be few and far between! Or are these 400 toilettes nationwide ;)

I'm excited to see you have updated your profile to read "I am incrementally becoming an expatriate with designs on a Parisian lifestyle in 2007 and 2008". Gets in your blood, doesn't it? And I haven't even been yet.

At 7/3/06 18:19, Anonymous Anonymous said...

once while i was in paris, i used one of these. i was stricken by shy bladder syndrom, convinced the doors would fly open mid-urination.for the life of me i couldn't go. very frustrating, but interesting. i loved walking into a just sanitized, slightly damp w/disinfectant loo. carda


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