07 February 2006

Paris Live Radio expands its reach

RADIO FOR AN ENGLISH-SPEAKING AUDIENCE It's well established on the Internet
and on satellite. Now Paris Live Radio
will begin broadcasting on 963AM
in Paris on 24 March 2006.

Canal Satellite CH 118
NOOS Radio CH 35
NC Numericable CH 150

DJs and presenters include: Don Foster, John Rolland, Joey John,
Nick Johnston, Leticia Rossi and Myles Neave


At 10/8/06 09:30, Blogger welcome to wallyworld said...

"Will begin broadcasting on 963AM in Paris on 24 March 2006" - that may have been the intention but all that's left of this so-called radio station is a web-site that doesn't work (try clicking on the various sections) and a looped music track. There's no satellite, no AM, no FM. There's no studio and no presenters/DJs. "It's all over now Baby Blue".

At 17/11/06 18:42, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, there are waiting for the Fm licences. The first frequencie in FM is Rennes and it's will begin in the middle of May 2007.

At 19/12/06 22:54, Blogger welcome to wallyworld said...

Bullshit. It's over. Finished. Kaput. Belly-up. A dead parrot. €500,000 down the gurgler.


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