14 December 2006

Travel tip: wheelchairs in Paris

There are a number of wheelchair-friendly tourist attractions in The City of Light. However, it seems that there are fewer in Paris than in other international cities.

The question below appeared on the San Jose Mercury News Web site:

Question: Is there anywhere in Paris to rent a wheelchair for a parent who is unable to walk long distances?

Answer: The French Government Tourist Office told us that some pharmacies in the Paris area rent wheelchairs. Try Pharmacie Thoraval, 264 Boulevard Voltaire. You can send e-mail to pharmacie.thoraval@wanadoo.fr or call 011-33-1-43-73-51-73 to reserve one before your arrival.

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At 16/12/06 15:10, Anonymous Sam said...

in my opinion, paris is the greatest city in the world and im thinking of moving there from london - what do ya reckon?

At 31/5/07 10:34, Anonymous Luca said...

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At 16/12/09 18:52, Anonymous Christopher said...

Another resource for wheelchair rentals in Paris is www.parisprivateguides.com

They deliver the chair right to your hotel and also offer wheelchair friendly tours in english at the Louvre, Orsay and other museums.

At 4/11/11 08:59, Anonymous Mici said...

Tank you very much for your interesting post and your blog. It's full of helpfull informations and advises about Paris.

At 5/3/13 13:23, Anonymous medicine men said...

Google it man, there many online store selling this chair and you get it delivered right at your door step.


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