20 April 2006

Who will be the 10,000th visitor to 40 Days in Paris?

Congratulations, in advance, to visitor number 10,000!

"40 Days in Paris" is almost a year old and, frankly, I'm surprised that people are compelled to visit and read. Visitors have checked in from a couple dozen countries, some of them rather obscure -- and from every continent except Antartica. Antarticans don't read blogs? What's up with THAT?

If you'd like to give me a gift on this quasi-auspicious occasion, have all of your Antartican friends click on my blog a few times. This will fill the geographical void in my blogsphere and help me sleep at night.

I don't get too many details on my stats report, but if I can determine the location of "Monsieur/Madame 10,000" I will post it later, for trivia's sake.

I don't actually believe that everyone who registers a "click" has intentionally landed here. The popularity of Paris factors into this site's clickability -- and the wayward surfers looking for Paris Hilton pictures account for more than a few accidental visitors. Still, the counter is good entertainment and it's interesting to see the data.


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