11 May 2006

'Teeth of the Sea' doesn't sound as frightening as 'JAWS'

When your American friends ask you if you've ever seen the movie Varsity Blues you might want to say "no, friend, I don't believe I have." But, if you saw American Boys at the French cinema then you did, in fact, see Varsity Blues. There are many movies that get re-named for clarity's sake, and others for reasons known only to the foreign distributors. The Incredibles was changed to Les Indestructibles; Wedding Crashers was changed to Serial Noceurs...and there are many more interesting examples.

If you can think of any, here's your chance to add them to the "40 Days in Paris" list of oddly re-titled films. Post your contribution in the comments section just below this blog entry.

And beware of Les Dents when you visit Paris-Plage this year.


At 11/5/06 22:33, Anonymous Anonymous said...

it remembers me of bridget jones "the edge of reason" changed to "l'age de raison" or "les incorruptibles"I can't remember the american name for this one but I know it was different maybe you know it.

At 11/5/06 22:44, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Entrapment became "haute voltige","the d day"="le jour le plus long","monster -in-law"="ma belle mere et moi","meet the fockers"="mon beau pere et moi"...

At 12/5/06 04:57, Blogger MonsieurCAVALIER said...

possibly The Untouchables? (1980s pic w/Kevin Costner & Sean Connery.)

At 13/5/06 00:36, Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah!touché!I know there was kevin costner so I think that's the right answer

At 17/5/06 00:30, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"The World's Fastest Indian" got renamed with the somewhat more mundane "Bert Munro.


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