12 August 2005

La Ferme Celebrites on TF1

In France my favorite reality show was La Ferme Célébrités. I had no idea who the celebrities were. This, and not speaking much French, made the show confusing. Still, I watched...week after eventless week. I was worried I would have to leave France, never knowing the winner of Celebrity Farm. When I stayed at an airport hotel the night before my return flight, the Celebrity Farm finale was playing on a huge TV in the bar. Jordy won! Jordy is the only "celebrity" I had seen before I became a farm viewer. It took me a few weeks to figure out who he was. He had a pop song (and video) called "Dur Dur D'Entre Bébé!" when he was just a toddler. I kid you not.

Nothing ever happens on the Celebrity Farm. There was a definite lack of conflict. Weeks later I read that many of the animals on Celebrity Farm were dying off, needlessly. Crushed by a bale of hay. Electricuted by set lighting. Now that's a TV show! It could be patterned on the JACKASS phenom, and titled "JACKASS: french animal stunts gone bad."
"In May the show's mascot, a crested grey cockerel, was crushed when a production assistant accidentally heaved a bale of hay on to it. Later another hen died when it strayed too close to a high-powered studio lamp, and the pony had to be treated after it fell down the stairs" -- The Guardian (UK)
I'm afraid I can't tell you why a pony was going down the stairs (perhaps trying to escape the boredom of Celebrity Farm?) p.s. If you belong to PETA, please forgive my alleged and hypothetical suggestion that animal electrocutions be televised.


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