02 July 2005

Leaving Paris...loving what is

There will be no dramatic conclusions about Paris. It was a place to go and be challenged. It was a place to learn that - WHAT IS, IS. Fighting what IS or wishing that it were different is futile. The Parisians know this. When things go south, whether it's a strike that prevents them from getting to work or a bureaucratic hurdle to be leapt, they often accept it as part of their life. Some may kvetch about it for a while, but I'd guess that they move on. Perhaps they sit down for a coffee or a glass of wine until the pendulum in their world swings back and things are made right again.

In Paris, suspense hangs in the vapor above the city. You never know what might happen by the time you return to your bed at night. Getting through the day, travelling through the streets, ordering lunch, paying the telephone bill, catching a bus; there are no guarantees that things will go your way. Choice is involved only when it comes to your response. One clerk, one driver, one landlord, one instant can bring it all down. The rewards for persevering are immense in the City of Light.

Au revoir, mes amis.


At 20/7/05 14:51, Blogger frankie said...

Hi, Nice to read your frustration in between the lines! I am wishing every day that it could be different, that it could be friendly and practical to live in France...


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