29 June 2005

Dear Paris: by the time you read this...

I haven't decided how to conclude my reports from Paris. I will probably make a few more entries and then wrap it up. I have left Paris and am now in a holding pattern at a luxurious hotel near Roissy-CDG. I have a flight out in the morning. Will I miss Paris? I think not. I am happy to get home.

Perhaps in a week or two, I will miss my odd routine and my travels around Paris. I think I might miss walking around the city. There is no walking where I live. In fact, there are no sidewalks. Walking is not something that occurs incidentally. It is something you must do purposefully and intentionally. It becomes a "thing."

There are a few more entries to make, some photos to post, then I will come to some sort of inspiring conclusion, or just end it abruptly. I like the way Jason, a former Parisian blogger, ended his reports from the City of Light when he returned to NYC. The first line of his letter says it all.


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