27 June 2005

The heat is on

The heat is challenging all of us. The other day I saw two fist-fights break out on the same street within minutes of each other. I don't often see adults duking it out in the street. Both cases involved delivery men who have the unenviable job of navigating Paris, finding parking spaces, wearing uniforms made of synthetic fabrics, and lugging heavy things -- while the temerature hovers in the upper 80s. I think it's 90-degrees today, but temps are measured in celcius here, which I appreciate because at least the numbers look lower on the TV news.

Several of my classmates who, weeks ago, were happy with their Paris experience are now griping about the people, the weather, etc. If it were not so hot, they probably would still have the Parisian spirit. However, it seems to have escaped some of us. We had a slight reprieve for a few hours on Sunday, but we are back to uncomfortable temps. Every breeze is appreciated. I was happy to be sitting near a woman on the bus who was fanning herself, and inadvertently those of us around her.


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