25 June 2005

The accidental pedestrian

My guide book (the one I raved about) said that the Gay Pride parade would be held tomorrow. I thought I would watch it after going to the American Cathedral at 9 a.m. I had intended to invite a couple people from my class, but this week I was out-of-sorts and the parade was not on my radar.

I was surprised to see the parade in full swing TODAY when I was over near St. Germain to visit book stores. I was happy to see the police had blocked the streets. I took advantage of the rare oppotunity to walk from point-A to point-B without fighting for sidewalk space (a new sport for me.) Stray cars showed up now and then trying to find their way out of the no-drive-zone. The pedestrians were king!

From afar, I thought there was a music festival or some such. After I couldn't find the specific bookstore I was looking for (I found others) I decided to investigate the origin of the pulsing music down the street. There I found tens-of-thousands of people (straight, gay, in between, families, kids, old folks...all of Paris) watching the end of the parade. Things had built to a fevered pitch and onlookers were falling in behind the last of the floats as they headed to the finish line at the Bastille.

I have been carrying my camera with me lately and took some pictures. Look for TEN of them them here.


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