28 June 2005

Move over Metrosexuals...the Smoothies rule

Smoothies defined.

Finally the mystery is solved. Thanks to Heather Havrilesky, TV critic for Salon.com, we now have a name to go with a puzzling and not-so-new phenom. You know those guys you see that are waxed and tanned and bizarrely cleancut, even though they appear to be straight? She calls these dudes "smoothies." They are not metrosexuals, who are urban dwellers. They live everywhere else. They have their own thing going on. While Heather is clearly coining a new phrase here, she has hit the nail on the head in her article.

I recently saw about six of these guys travelling together. I think they were related, or perhaps had spent so much time together at the tanning booth that they started to look alike. They wore matching tourist t-shirts that they had purchased in Firenze. They were all about hair, tans, clothes, slapping each other on the back, and constantly fixing their bedhead hairdos. Europe has always been a haven for men who appreciate style, but the over-coiffed, over-waxed straight male is fairly new to the U.S. Even in Paris, the "smoothie" seems to be king.


At 30/6/05 19:06, Anonymous Anonymous said...

mmm.. love smoothies, chocolate or vanilla, they all taste good to me...


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