27 June 2005

Mona Lisa, is that you?

I went to the Louvre this week. It's much like an amusement park, but with Art hanging on the walls. Thousands of people were milling about, standing in lines, and eating in the cafeteria. There is a lot of art at the Louvre. It's not possible to see all of it in a single day.

They recently moved the Mona Lisa to a new gallery to accomodate the throngs of people who make the pilgrimage to see her. She is behind protective glass and seems happy about it. She had the slightest of smiles. The crowd was several tourists deep and everyone wanted to take her picture. Without elbowing a few people it was impossible to get close to her. I decided to hang back and admire her from afar.

The Louvre is more than worthy, but can be overwhelming. For those interested in Impressionism, the Musee D'Orsay is the best bet.


At 31/8/05 03:14, Blogger pablopatricio said...

I spent 2 hours at an internet cafe reading your account of Paris and looking at your photos. Well done! You are very funny and observant. Did you give birth to a boy or girl?
I spent the first week of May in Paris this year and fell in love with it and its people. Not only do they look good but are so polite and helpful. The weather was perfect, I too love Paris in the Springtime.


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