02 July 2005

None of my business

There are some sophosticated Hit Counters available that could tell when, and from where, my blog is read. Having that sort of information could be a distraction. I intend to write (blog entries, movie scripts, magazine articles) whether two or two million people are reading. Admittedly, I check my Hit Counter to be sure that someone is reading. People find their way to 40 Days in Paris from a variety of links and directories. Eventually it will slow, then stop. That's none of my business.

It's been a great exercise. It can be difficult to effectively relay a story in four to six paragraphs. I've learned to edit my work tightly, to slash and cut. I also learned to write quickly and from odd locations (which may explain some of the punctuation and style errors.) Web writing is supposed to be lean and lively. I think I am achieving that more often now.

For almost a year I have been actively putting more of my work into the world. This year I will have more work published. I am ready to be PAID to write, even as I finish my journalism degree and continue to learn the endless details of grammar, style and punctuation. I don't usually know what happens after my work is published, or how it is received. My job is to write. That's what I do.


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