18 August 2005

Sherif fais-mois peur: le film

I think the translation for this movie is: "We're Afraid of the Sherriff." I'll have to get a second opinion. Leave a comment if you know a better translation. --- (UPDATE:) We've had two votes for "Scary Sherrif." If you are familiar with the repetitive theme of the Dukes of Hazzard television show, that translation holds some water. I will continue the poll re: possible translations.


At 29/8/05 17:27, Blogger frankie said...

'fais-moi peur' is 'scare me'... so the film title might mean, hm, rm, tell us a scrary story, or something to that effect.
Any one for a better translation?

At 29/8/05 23:37, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How about "Scary Sherriff?"

At 2/9/05 19:57, Anonymous CAVALIER said...

My French teacher says that SCARY SHERIFF is the best translation. Go firgure! >> Cavalier

At 19/9/05 12:48, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's not about being afraid of the sheriff. The more appropriate translation would be "eh sheriff! Try to frighten me!". It's ironic.
Trust me on that one, my mother tongue is french and above all I'm a big Dukes of Hazzard fan.


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