14 August 2005

Paris photos - and weblog hits

Jump to my PARIS photo album. I have discovered the slideshow function, which is a great improvement over the usual format offered by photobucket.com CLICK HERE to launch the slideshow. Change the "interval" to two-seconds, if you are impatient like me. Use "pause" to hold the slide, and "resume" to...resume. If yoy prefer to browse through photos on a regular page without a slidewhow, click on "BACK TO ALBUM."

This weblog has received 2,200 hits since I added a counter. I don't know how to equate that into a count of actual readers, but considering all of my posts are on a single page (few clicks required to read posts) -- I estimate that more than 1,000 people have read posts or enjoyed the photos. I received emails and comments from Australia to North Carolina. This is a pleasantly odd exercise.


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