03 June 2005

Welcome...I think

My blog is about to be linked to a webring called ParisBlog. I have installed the magic code and I am not sure what to expect now. I don't see any apparent change, visually, to my blog. The instructions were in francais, so I may have to read them again more carefully or check with the chap who serves as administrator.

I think I am also linked to a few blog directories somewhere. I have started to receive mail from people whom I don't know. It's rather interesting. I started the blog simply to post photos for friends and family to view. It has evolved into a bit more. I'm sad to discover that the computer lab at my school curiously does not have access to the Internet. Now, I am even more appreciative of T's boss for lending me a laptop. I am connecting via WiFi (the French pronounce this wee-fee...which makes it sound like some sort of cracker)in the cafeteria of the language school.

I am spending four hours a day trying to speak French, and the remainder of the day trying to navigate France. As a result, I am also losing my ability to think clearly in English. Even though I am studying journalism, I will ask you to forgive any weird language and errors that crop up.

All is well on my second day of class. I hope T got home safely. Now there is nobody here to translate television programs for me...which makes them no less entertaining. It's a bit strange being on my own here. I know my way around, but am not able to speak with anyone outside of this building. I try to make the most of exchanges such as "good morning, ma'am" and "excuse me." It's unlikely that I will develop any meaningful friendships using these two phrases. I have two days off from school and will need to get out there, keep busy, and have courage. I think I will start my museum visits this weekend. I will probably visit four this month. There are many more if I can manage it.


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