22 May 2005

Technology on the continent

I swore that I wouldn't cave in -- that I wouldn't bring gadgets to France. I had daily arguments with myself about "keeping it simple." It would appear that I am on the losing end of an argument with myself.

When the guy at Geeks-R-Us gave my pre-Y2K laptop the kiss of death, I thought the decision had been made for me. Then my partner's boss spontaneously offered me her spare laptop. Surely this was a sign from God. Now I am taking a laptop, PDA,digital still camera, and a digital voice recorder.

Should breaking news present itself, I will be armed and ready with the basic tools.

At the very least, the gadgets will make it easier for me to keep this blog updated. My school in Paris has a computer lab, but I am more excited that they have free WiFi. Borrowing the laptop will also keep me from having to use french keyboards, which are not in Qwerty formation.


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