08 May 2005

I have no intention of visiting EuroDisney

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At 25/5/05 18:41, Anonymous LBJ said...

I went to Euro Disney a few years ago. Disneyland is better, although Euro Disney is newer and some of the rides are a little better. But you can't duplipate the feel of the original.

Some of it is just plain weird. Like the popcorn they sell has sugar on it. Star Tours has C3PO parling Francais, which seems wrong. And if you ever wonder what happened to the Captain Eo 3-D flick, you will find it was shipped there!

It is almost worth the price of admission to see surly French guys forced to dress as American cowboys on those themed rides. We're talking fringy chaps, bandanas, bolo ties, big Texas-style hats, boots, and western shirts with riveted lapels.


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