06 April 2006

Paris Metro: Art is everywhere...pay attention.

Sure, this Metro entrance at Palais Royal looks fabulous. It's been bejeweled by a talented artist. But, its fabulousness causes confusion. If you were to stand near this colorful canopy for more three minutes somebody inevitably would approach you and ask, "how do I get to the Metro?" (in any number of languages.)

The tourists see it listed on their metro map, but this particular Metro entrance is just too fabulous to be recognized. I've helped more than a few tourists with directions when I was in this area on the way to my alternate bus stop. Their faces would always light up when they realized it was not just a lavish piece of sculpture before them. It was their destination. Perhaps if it were doused in urine it would be more recognizable.

Here are links to a few of the other photos I've taken - au même endroit.
city workers, columns & cafe and a street scene.


At 10/4/06 06:51, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Would love to see it in person... where is this located?


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