02 April 2006

Paris for the realist: not as expensive as you might think

Living in Paris is expensive. But, tourists and short-term visitors may be surprised to find that one can still enjoy the City of Light without going broke. In most big cities it is expensive to be a tourist and to entertain yourself. People who don't have a shopping spree on their itinerary and those who won't mind eating in one and two star restaurants can enjoy Paris while making their euros last a little longer.

If you are the type of person who likes to shop, even when you don't need to, or who cannot bypass the gift shop on your way out of a museum -- or if you think you need to bring a gift home for anyone beyond your immediate family -- you better plan on spending a few hundred euros on such things. If you live simply and have friends who would be pleased with a small gift or who would be happy enough that you had a chance to travel and expand your horizons, you can visit Paris for a reasonable sum.

Below are common expenses one might incur while in Paris. Prices are listed in euros. Click the currency converter to compare with your country's currency. The asterisk (*) is my addition. I've placed an asterisk on the items that, in my opinion, will probably cost more than indicated in the source material. Depending on the area, type of establishment and time of day, meals can vary. Again, simplicity and realistic expectations will keep costs down.
entrance to museum €7 to €9.
sandwich €5.*
pizza €8 to €10*
small coffee €1 to €2
full meal €15 to €20*
baguette €0.80
beer in café €2 to €4*
movie ticket €9
(data source: parisinfo.com)
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At 18/5/06 20:18, Anonymous Elisabetta said...

I agree with this article!

I were impressed about the title of your blog, and I'm also interested in your posts about Paris. I really like this city too!
I will come back and read more.. :-) Ciao & compliments!


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