28 March 2006

New York Times: "Four Ways to Fire a Frenchman"

Christoph Kienzle's illustration (left) was part of a March 26 article in The New York Times. The article, by Craig S. Smith, is called "Four Ways to Fire a Frenchman."

The four methods are:
(1) Prove you can't afford the job
(2) Prove he did a bad, bad thing
(3) Pay him to scram
(4) Put him in the cupboard.

"The French government wants to make it easy to fire young workers. Easier firing, easier hiring, the logic goes. Who wants to add people to the permanent payroll if it's painful and costly to undo a mistake? The laws on 'licensement,' as firing in France is called, are complex enough to fill a book, but in the end there are essentially four ways for an employer to deliver a pink slip. All involve time or money or both, because employees who don't want to go quietly can file a complaint with the Conseil des Prud'hommes, the court that rules on terminations." -- New York Times

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