23 March 2006

Paris and beyond: Students continue to mobilise

Thursday 23 March
"As we speak..."
News about the anti-CPE mobilisation
Teargas fired and arrests made as police clear Angers train station by force.
Situation in Paris appears to have calmed substantially.
Sky news footage now showing Riot police charging protesters by the Seine. One protestor appeared to fall from a 40 foot wall to the side of the Seine. We cannot confirm this at this moment in time.
Riot now being shown live on SKY news- hundreds fighting CRS riot police.
Violent confrontations between hundreds of youths and the CRS riot police in the Boulevard d’Invalides according the tf1.
Between 104,000 (police figure) and 210,000 (organisers figures) marching in Paris, where the demonstration has arrived at its finishing point of the Esplanade d’Invalides. This figure is up from last Thursdays students dmeonstration, which was estimated at being between 33,000 - 120,000 strong.
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At 24/3/06 23:50, Blogger Uranus said...

A reader of my blog http://manyyearsinthemerde.blogspot.com) writes that the French want to work less hours, they want to make more money, they want to gain more priviledges, they want to be the centre of Europe and they don´t want that companies outsource to Asia. They want it all! The CPE is only a small consequence of the French cultural decandence.



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