29 March 2006

Sociologist: "It is a collective failure of the French system"

From The New York Times:

Opinion polls indicate that the French see globalization as a threat, not an opportunity. A sweeping survey of people in 22 countries released in January found that France was alone in disagreeing with the premise that that the best economic model is "the free enterprise system and free market economy."

In the poll, conducted by the Program on International Policy Attitudes at the University of Maryland, only 36 percent of French respondents replied yes, compared with 59 percent in Italy, 65 percent in Germany, 66 percent in Britain, 71 percent in the United States and 74 percent in China.

"It is a collective failure of the French system," said Louis Chauvel, a sociologist who studies generational change. "You earn more doing nothing in retirement at the age of 60 to 65 than working full-time at the age of 35. And we have organized society so there is no room for new entrants."

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At 29/3/06 12:58, Blogger Jaggae said...

Review CPE First Job Contract Petition

I empathise with the French youths. As a Singaporean who graduated in 2001, I had to change 6 jobs in 3 years because of the recession. If not for my country's labour laws, us fresh graduates would have fared worse. Please take some time to read this petition and sign it. Do forward to everybody you know.

Thank you,
Jaclynn Gay


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