06 April 2006

Daniel Cohn-Bendit (1968) & Bruno Julliard (2006)

Excerpt from The Independent Online (UK)

Daniel Cohn-Bendit will be forever the face of the French student revolt of May 1968. Bruno Julliard will probably go down as the face of the "events of March 2006".

Critics say M. Julliard is a pure product of the centre- left, mainstream, "statist" establishment in France. He is the son of a Socialist mayor and the stepson of a Communist-leaning senior civil servant. He is accused by extremists of being a "bourgeois careerist" and by moderates of being a stooge for the anti-market left wing of the main French opposition party, the Parti Socialiste.

The differences between M. Julliard and M. Cohn-Bendit sum up the differences between the two "revolts". Cohn-Bendit, was a classic outsider, who wanted to change everything, an impish, ill-dressed, anarchic figure with a shock of red hair and a funny and provocative turn of phrase.

Bruno Julliard is smartly dressed, and talks the language of mainstream politics. He is fighting a defensive battle to save France's strong, employment protections for the new generation.


At 23/5/06 21:15, Blogger Unionsbuerger said...

Julliard YES
Cohn-Bendit NO



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