06 June 2005

Pictures & Archives

I have taken a few pictures of Paris. They take quite a while to post to my photo album, (scroll down if you don't see pics)...so I have not put too many on there. You can check the link in the right margin every once and a while. I don't think the album is very user friendly, but it is free. When I can get time, an internet connection, and enough electricity or battery to keep my laptop going...I will post them all to the album.

Also keep in mind that only a few blog entries will appear on this page at one time. The older entries get filed in the weekly archives, which you can find in the right hand column at the bottom of the page. My friend Lisa thinks I should be writing more. She is always right (just ask her!)...so I will try to work it out so that I can post more frequently. Getting all the logistics to align is not as easy as it is at home. My school has wifi, but no public electrical connections. At night I charge my battery, and then during the day have to race to get stuff done before my battery dies. With preparation, it should all work out.


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