06 June 2005

What comes down...must go up

Yesterday I climbed the stairs to my seventh floor apartment without stopping to rest. Hooray!

In Europe the ground floor is not counted as the first floor. The floor above the ground floor (which we know as the second floor) is called the first floor in much of Europe. So I live on the eighth floor if you count American-style. Nonetheless, it’s a major achievement. Those stairs are my biggest fear. I hope to conquer them...or peacefully coexist.


At 6/6/05 15:43, Blogger Tay Hota said...

I had that backwards. I thought the "first" floor in Europe was the "ground" and the "second" was the first. SO, if the "second" floor is the american first, where is the "first" in European floors? god, that doesn't make sense.


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