12 December 2005

La pauvreté n'est pas un crime

The American Cathedral is running a charity project which has a Dec. 11 deadline. However, I imagine there is always time for last minute philanthropy. Read on...
"Love in a Box Paris is a community service project that makes and delivers Christmas gift boxes to underprivileged children in Paris, Strasbourg and Bulgaria. To find out how to make a box click here (under the NEWS column on the left, look for the paragraph that starts "Love in a Box Paris")
This year they will distribute presents to children from these charities:

Salvation Army Strasbourg which provides for destitute children from broken families.

Centre Flora Tristan for children from homes plagued by domestic violence.

Avec Elles in Vincennes, with boys and girls aged 6 months to 18 years.

Paris Tout P-tits, a charity for underprivileged children in Paris.

Sisters of Charity, a group founded by Mother Theresa to help homeless single mothers care for their newborns.

Salvation Army Paris who warms the hearts of about 400 people on Christmas Eve.

Les Restos du Coeur a Paris soup kitchen.

Bonne Mine a charity that supports 12 orphanages in Bulgaria.


At 12/12/05 18:04, Blogger Dee Rimbaud said...

Traveller's Blogs Link Exchange


Next spring I'm going to be selling up and moving on to pastures new. The intention is to buy a big enough vehicle to be able to live in, and to travel south in the direction of Spain with my partner and child. We have no fixed plans, as such, and no idea where we are going to end up... it could be Granada, or it may even be Grenada, or we might not get any further than the Granada Services at junction 17 on the M6... or we might just keep travelling, like new age gypsies. Whatever happens, it's going to be an adventure.

With this in mind, I have just commenced a travel-blog, by the name of Aaron-Aardvark's Amazing Adventures. It's at http://aaron-aardvark.blogspot.com/ and is distinct from my other blog (which is really just a vehicle for spleen-venting and letting off steam).

The purpose of this new blog is to talk about my hopes, dreams and anxieties as we prepare for what will be a very big change indeed; and once we actually get off on the road, to paint a vivid picture of what life is like on the road.

One of the things I want to do with this blog is to encourage people to think outside the box, and to inspire people to pursue their dreams. I reckon if a 40-something couple with a 4 year old child can shake off the shackles of 9-5, mortgage payments and all the other bollocks that go with it, then pretty much anyone can.

With that purpose in mind, I intend to add a comprehensive section of links for people that might want to investigate further the possibilities of upping-stumps and leaving it all behind. So, if you know of any useful online resources, please send the URLs to me.

I'd also like to set up a links section to other traveller's blogs. If you'd be interested in exchanging links, please send me the URL of your blog and the title.

Well, wherever you are and whatever you're doing, I wish you a brilliant Christmas and an adventurous New Year.

All the very best

Dee Rimbaud

At 13/12/05 21:18, Blogger ckeene said...

Thank you for this post! Love-in-a-box is a wonderful program - I am a Sunday School teacher at the American Cathedral and the kids really get into preparing the boxes as well. It is a nice way to be able to talk to kids about how to help all the homeless people that are a real but mostly ignored feature of the landscape in all big cities.


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